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The FDCPA Boot Camp has been called "A Seminar On Steroids."  Join us to learn how to ethically handle FDCPA lawsuits against abusive debt collectors.  Boot Camp attorneys come from all over the nation to learn all of the most effective techniques in suing debt collectors.

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FDCPA Boot Camp Registration and Application

Complete this online registration and application to attend the next FDCPA Boot Camp scheduled for:

San Diego, California, May 5-6-7, 2014

Registration and Application for FDCPA Boot Camp
  • I hereby apply to attend the FDCPA Boot Camp.
  • I will not receive a refund of my registration fee unless my application is rejected.
  • I have read the FDCPA Boot Camp brochure on this website and agree to all of the terms in it.
  • I am an attorney member of NACA, NACBA, NOSSCR, Legal Aid, JAG, non-profit organization, or a law firm that does no creditor work, or an employee of one.
  • I am not a debt collector nor have I collected any consumer debts in the past 5 years. If I have ever acted as a debt collector, or worked at a law firm that collected debts, I have forwarded a written explanation to Pete Barry.
  • I have never defended, I am not defending, and I do not intend to defend consumer lawsuits, including FDCPA lawsuits.
  • I will not sell, distribute, or duplicate any materials, media, forms, or other information obtained at the FDCPA Boot Camp, except as licensed for my professional use as described in the FDCPA Boot Camp brochure.
  • If I have taken a Buddy discount from the full price tuition, I qualify for it either because I am a Legal Aid attorney, a JAG attorney, or Buddy of another attorney who has already registered.
  • If I am a Buddy, I work in the same firm as or live within 50 miles my Buddy. I understand that only one Buddy discount will be allowed per regular fully paid attorney. I also understand that in order to qualify at the buddy rate, the fully paid attorney must pay the full tuition price and may not apply any coupon code discounts to his/her tuition.
  • If I applied a coupon code below, I will pay the full rate if I do not qualify for any discount I may have taken.
  • I am not now nor have I ever been a member of NARCA, the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys, the Commercial Law League, ACA International, the ACA, the American Collectors Association, or any other group, organization, or entity which advocates for the interests of creditors, or attorneys, or organizations who collect consumer debts.
  • In making this application for the FDCPA Boot Camp, all of my representations have been true.
  • I will be charged $2495.00 to attend.